IV Wellness Price List

Sport performance IV £129 Course of 4 £450
Ideal for those with an active lifestyle. This I drip is packed full of energy boosting B vitamins and powerful amino acids to improve performance.
Sport recovery IV £135 Course of 4 £460
this Iv drip is designed to aid quick recovery after strenuous exercise. loaded with vitamins, amino acid and minerals.
Fat burning IV £129 Course of 4 £450
A specially formulated blend of nutrients and amino acids to help achieve your ideal body goals. Reduce toxic load, help the body function effectively an aid burning of stubborn body fat.
Instant hydration IV £99 Course of 4 £350
The hydration drip can benefit those recovering from serious illness, food poisoning or even jet lag.
Wellness IV £99 Course of 4 £350
This classic Myers twist Wellness Cocktail is a multi-vitamin complex that includes essential nutrients to help power your body. It is a well-tolerated drip, a great introduction into multi-nutrient IV therapy and improves general well-being.
Hangover cure IV £99 Course of 4 £350
Whether you are dealing with the consequences of the night before or just coping with the stress of everyday life this IV drip infuses the body with what it needs so you can face the day, refreshed and re-energised.
Anti-ageing IV £175 Course of 4 £650
Glow from the inside out packed with amino acids and active ingredients to repair the extracellular matrix and stimulate collagen growth naturally. Helps restore youthful radiance and healthy complexion. Specially formulated for anti-ageing from the inside out with glutathione vitamins and minerals.
Skin brightening IV £225 Course of 4 £800
Also known as the China Doll Trip and Cinderella Drip, this high dose dosage Glutathione drip offers amazing skin lightening and brightening qualities leaving your skin glowing.
Glutathione add-on for £45
Glutathione is commonly known as the mother of all antioxidants for its powerhouse ability to soak up the bacteria and debris that constantly assault our bodies. You might think of it like a sponge seeking and capturing toxins like free radicals to maintain cellular health.