Weight Loss Treatment

Weight loss treatment refers to various methods or approaches aimed at helping individuals lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Such as behaviour Modification: This approach focuses on changing unhealthy habits and behaviours related to eating and physical activity. It may involve techniques such as self-monitoring, goal setting, stimulus control, and cognitive restructuring.

Here are some common weight loss treatments offered at Fabvisage Aesthetics:


In some cases, Medication may prescribe medication to assist with weight loss. These medications are generally intended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) above a certain threshold and typically work by suppressing appetite, reducing fat absorption, or increasing metabolism.

Fat dissolving injections

Fat dissolving injections, also known as lipolytic injections or lipotropic injections, are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to reduce localised fat deposits in the body. These injections typically contain substances that help break down and metabolise fat cells, facilitating their removal from the body.

It's important to note that the specific ingredients and formulations used in fat dissolving injections can vary.